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New CNC mills and compressor!

We took advantage of special pre-IMTS pricing to upgrade 3 of our older mills, plus we also upgraded our air compressor.  We purchased two mills from Ganesh Machinery, the VFM-4024 and VFM-5127, both equipped with tool and part probing.  We also purchased a Kitamura HX250G, similarly equipped with tool and part probing.  We hope to upgrade the HX250G with a pallet pool in 2017.  Our 5HP Sullair screw-type compressor was already having a tough time keeping up with our air consumption in the shop, so we upgraded to at Atlas-Copco GA15VSD+ 20HP screw type compressor with integrated dryer.  Very quiet!

kitamura-hx250g ganesh-vfm-5127 ganesh-vfm-4024 atlas-copco-ga15vsd

Ganesh Cyclone 52-BY2!

In December 2013, we added a brand new Ganesh Cyclone 52-BY2 lathe to our shop, with an attached 12′ magazine bar feeder (2″ capacity). This 9-axis lathe can run fully unattended (e.g., lights out at night), auto-loading new bars of material and sending finished parts out the conveyor belt. There’s nothing better than opening the shop in the morning to see a basket full of beautiful finished parts waiting for us!


New Cosen CNC saw!

We recently replaced our old automatic band saw with a new unit from Cosen, the C-260NC. It works great, dramatically improving our ability to efficiently and accurately cut our metal stock before it goes into our CNC machines.